If you ever used online betting sites, you must have heard about the legal implications. Maybe your family or friends have warned you before being in trouble while using betting sites. But did you think, this online betting is really illegal? By reading this blog, you will get the exact answer to this question- Are the best online betting ID provider in India legal? It is seen that various online cricket ID providers are becoming a source of money for many enthusiastic. Online websites are overall legal in India as long as you use a legal betting site. This is because of a simple reason there are no official laws or acts in India that prohibit people from placing a bet online. Which means Indians are free to make any bet on diverse sites operating by legalized companies.

Best Legal Betting Sites in India

If you are confused about which website is legal in India, then here is a list of such legal betting sites in India. You can go through them to solve your doubt.

  • Betway: It is the first and most reputed website which has earned five stars from its customer. As it is a user-friendly website that provides betting platforms to beginners. Further, you can even select great cricket matches and get a live betting feature.
  • 22 bets: It is the football betting site which is most easy and most convenient in India to deposit Indian currency money.
  • 1x bet: This is another betting website which provides a welcome bonus and offers a wide selection of games. Further, it also has used several Indian deposits method.
  • Fun88: It consists of a variety of sports games with regular bonuses and promos. Further, its deposit method is very convenient but it needs to more focus over Casino games.

There is no any authorised controlling body within India but out of these foreign websites, some are delimited in the other dominions by the trusted Global bodies such as UK Gambling Commission, Malta gaming authority and gaming Curacao. Many of the legal betting sites in India comprise a regulatory body at the bottommost of their page, so you need to make sure of the legitimacy of the site before signing up. You should always remember to bet on those sites which are being regulated by these reputed bodies. Because online betting is much fun and enjoyable, so we don’t want you to deposit your money into any wrong hands.

What gambling laws are standing in India?

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As of current, there are no legal laws implemented by India when it’s come to gambling and betting. At the time of the constitution of India, gambling and betting both were concerns and put into state lists which permit every state to take their individual regulation of gambling and betting. However, most of the states start ensuring the principles of the Public gambling act, of 1867. Under this act, gambling is not any wrongdoing. But it becomes when it takes place in any public place or mutual gaming house. Further, it also means that online cricket ID providers and online betting ID providers or online casinos are not being measured as illegal in India.

Since gambling can be measured as illegal in a mutual gaming house but enthusiastic can safely use it on legal betting sites in India. But they need to be sure and stay away from common areas because there it is counted as an illegal and can be a criminal offence. If this is done, then a person might get arrested, imprisoned or fined for up to 3 months. Instead, it is recommended to use the online betting site safely to earn money.

So, this is all from my side, if you are a beginner and have a doubt regarding legal betting sites in India, then this blog will help you in overcoming your doubt. This blog will tell you about the best online betting ID providers where you can go to bet on your favourite games.